32nd Degree of Mason Ring

Some peoples may curios about what is 32nd degree of Mason ring stand for? The 32 on that ring was become a sign of 32nd Degree from Scottish Rite, which is tend for the degree for the full Member from the Rite. Scottish Rite was he appendant body from the Freemasonry and has 29 degree of number 4 throughout 32.

What is 32nd Degree of Mason Ring?

All of the Scottish Rite were had become Third Degree Master Masons from the Blue Lodge. The third Degree was actually the highest degree in Freemasonry and what things which actually able to make person of Freemason and equal were same equally though the world. Hence, the Master of Mason ring was more common to be worn as well. For the members of Scottish Rite, the 14th of Degree Rings hold special meaning and more general to be worn. Those rings were made by pure gold which show the triangle with the Hebrew letter on it. This is written with “virtus junxit mors non seprabit which has means that for who virtue unites, the death was not separate.

The 32nd degree mason ring was really does not have any special format, but usually have features with number 32, and the double head of eagle from Scottish Rite which is also become a symbolic for some reasons and had been well known as well. The other are square and compasses, triangle and the yod, and so on. This ring also usually had been combined with the other orders from Masonic, such as: this ring may feature with Shriner Crescent, the double had eagle of Scottish Rite, and the Knight Templar, etc.

How is someone able become 32 Degree Mason?

You may know that Freemasonry was made up for 2 Degrees. When someone was joined, he will go with some process to receive the Degree and becomes the Third Degree of Master Mason. In this point, he will become the full member from the Fraternity and partner for the other Mason’s in around the world. In the Freemason, there are sub unit’s which are exist for variety purposes. Each of unit use the other title, structure, etc. thus, one of unit had been called Scottish Rite.

The Scottish Rite was derived from 29 degree. This Degree was numbered 4 through 32, but they were not higher than the third degree or Master Mason Degree. When someone join with the Scottish Rite, he will go with the initiation process which culmination with receiving of 32nd Degree from Scottish Rite. So, this is the simple explanation about how is someone able become 32nd Degree. For further information, you may able to get from the other source as well.

To make it clear, there is no rule about how you should wear this mason rings, but there are some choices which you can decide. Hence, the first choice, you able to wear Square and Compass facing you. This is able to remind your obligation and many feel were appropriate. However, for them who live with their obligation and proud of Mason, this is very common to wear them in opposite and shown the others that you are a Mason, this is also depending on your self and personal matter. You can choose based on your believe and able to give self expression. A good ring that you choose should based on your personal taste and style. However, this 32nd degree mason ring may unable to get easier for usual peoples.

2017 32nd Degree Mason Ring Ideas

2017 32nd Degree Mason Ring Ideas


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