Best Skull Ring for Women

As we know that skull jewelry becomes very common for men, but now the manufacturers had come with the skull units that ideal for women as well. One of the best common is skull ring for women that come with different combination material, even made by gold and unique skull ring that very well match with women. However, there are other jewelry that also suit with the skull decoration, especial for woman who want to get gothic style.

Several skull jewelry references for woman:

  • Skull rings for woman

This unit comes with the different design that ideal for woman. The most common unit is biker style ring which come with smaller size and convenience for woman. There are also other units which come with feminine style and show the angle wings and bows for your skull ring for women. Usually, these rings had made from different metals, start from low price of stainless steel, silver, even gold for you luxury option. Same with the skull rings for men, these units had been decorated with the original gemstones or synthetic. If you look for wedding ring, there are also wedding rings with skull decoration which you can use for option. These units usually simple, but somehow, you can come with luxury style for alternative, you can choose the skull silver ring with the rose decoration or just go with simple tiny of silver skull ring, but still chic and gothic.

  • Skull body jewelry

This is becomes very common that some modern women’s get piercing, especially in their belly or the other parts as well. There are belly skull rings that you can get for your body piercing decoration. These units usually were made by stainless steel or the plastic resin as well. The rings have the thread ball which makes you easier to change the design. The body jewelry comes with the different design of skull that suit for woman and more feminin. This is depending on your style.

These skull jewelry above can be your best reference to make you get the gothic look. However, the skull ring for women becomes hit in recent times. The design come with cold style until cute style r feminine that very well blend with your daily look as well. The essential thing is consider the material of your skull rings that bring you part away with the other. Gold and platinum were best option, but both of them do not the only options. You can explore deeper for your jewelry metal.

  • Platinum

Platinum become the most popular metal for material jewelry option until the 20th century, when the metal was had taken off from the markets for the military use during the war period. This is give you the best sense about how durable this platinum, well, it was shinny and beautiful, but this is also workhorse as well. Now, platinum had come back as the first option that you can choose for the skull ring for women.

  • The sterling silver

Silver had been got high valued during several centuries and had considered as higher valuable than gold. Nowadays, silver becomes affordable from the precious metal. The sterling silver is derived from the pure silver which combines with the copper or the other metal in order to make them more durable. Although, this is harder than pure silver, this sterling silver is one of soft meals and easier to get stracth or marked. This sterling silver can range from the bright white, gray white and you can choose for matte or flossy look as well. This is also very fit for your skull ring for woman.

Beautiful Skull Ring Design and Ideas for Women

Beautiful Skull Ring Design and Ideas for Women

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