Keith Richard Skull Ring for Your Special Moment

For several years, Keith Richards silver skull ring had taken from it is own mythology and iconic status. This famous ring had spread around the world and come to signify that not only Keith Richards who wear this kind of skull rings. It can bee seen in every gig and in every photograph as well. This rings had inspired both of international following trade and unlimited fake copies as well. There are lot of ring designer that inspired by the Keith Richards skull rings. Nowadays, some couples who want get the unique design for their engagement on other special moments. One of them is choosing the skull rings that bring you different nuance but still fashionable.

How is the history of Keith Richard Skull Rings?

On the year 1978, the London goldsmith David Courts and Bill Hacket were worked on the small scale silver sculpture from the human skeleton. Used the real skeleton for their references to carve a perfect miniature of replica which they had molded. The other experiments led the creation of original silver skull ring as well. in the same time, an invitation had arrived from Keith Richards birthday party in New York. Both of them decided to give the new ring as the best present. Since that moment, the story began until now.

Since Keith used the original Courts and Hacket Skull Rings since 1978. David and Bill had received the countless orders for the copy. But their original decision is that the ring should remain the unique and there is no replica or duplicates.

Now available from them and the Skull rings sculpted still using the same human skull technique which as the original. The rings contain the exquisitely carved bone and the teeth details that will bring you the best original skull rings for your option.

Several guides to buy ring for a man.

As we know that ring skulls become very common item, especially for men. If you never buy metal jewelry for yourself before, several options can be seen harder.

You can try with sort the category and you need to consider what kind of ring that you want, then consider about size, materials and price. You need to take several times in order to defined what kind of skulls choice that will suit for your ring.

  • Choose the kind of ring that you want

Before you make the decision, you need to know general stylistic role that you want to fill. Whether you want something with the bigger skull decoration, chuncky or give you rich looks. Decide what you want to look macho or dramatic? You need to be realistic with your wish before purchase your skull rings.

  • Choose your own size

Choosing the size of your ring means there are two different things, they are: the size bands which affect your fingers and the cross sectional that width of the ring that will affect how the chunky look in your hands.  Every jewelry shop will happy to measure your fingers, so that you should know is which finger that you want to decorate with the skulls ring. If you purchase in online, you should print off your measuring tapes or guide how to measure your finger using the string. Size is becomes the most essential factors that you should consider.

  • Pick your materials

This is can be so complicated for you. For the most basic rings, they are use one metal which comprises in the whole of ring. But you should know that there is several options. You can choose platinum, gold, silver, etc.

Keith Richard Skull Ring Design

Keith Richard Skull Ring Design

Best Keith Richard Skull Ring

Best Keith Richard Skull Ring

Cool Keith Richard Skull Ring

Cool Keith Richard Skull Ring

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