2017 Silver Masonic Rings Design

Are you looking for new silver masonic rings? Then you should know clearly about what they are and what they are for. Before you buy one of the perfect masonic rings that suits your finger, let’s read the information about it first. In today’s article we will share you important information related to the ring without including the misleading one as you can see in many resources out there.

The masonic ring is a symbol

Did you know that masonic ring is a special ring? Rather than a common ring, it is symbolizing a strong fraternity to the world’s oldest organization of Freemason. People belong to the group use different numbers on different items as their identity of their fealty to this organization or fraternity. The believers of this organization wear this popular ring on their fingers especially on the right hands. A number of top celebrities, athletes and leaders wear masonic rings as well to show their beliefs proudly. The crest or design on masonic rings is either squares or compasses which are familiarly used.

  • The goal is carried by each person who wears the ring

Since there is no inherent specific symbolism towards the designs of the masonic rings, people who wear this piece of jewelry abide by certain virtues or good tidings. They also have important quest to carry in order to find the deep understanding and knowledge related to inherent in human life. Between the communities of Freemason, people of Grand Lodges present specific leadership. According to the principles of governing of specific leaders, beliefs or rules can be very far different from one Lodge to another Lodge. Even though there are so many different beliefs inside those Grand Lodges, the common and the main goal usually remains the same.

The square designs and presence of compass that you can see in the masonic rings of the believers reflected the common goal. The different Grand Lodges is reflected in the ring with a high veil of secrecy which is strongly connected to the different crests. The reason behind the symbol is to keep the understanding or knowledge that are related to symbols, secret words and teachings related to people belong to Freemasonry. This Freemasons’ knowledge should be kept away from the general knowledge that public know. From the old times until modern times like nowadays, people belong to the group communicate using different sign languages with each other.

  • There are specific procedures for election

If you are curious about the election between Freemasons, then this section maybe can help. To ensure that there are only the best candidates to be chosen, there are specific procedures applied for the election. For beginners, candidate who is interested will propose a petition to certain Lodges. But, to get finally elected, the candidate needs to win through the ballot in which every member will give his vote to show their disapproval or approval. According to these processes, the selection procedures will be continued until there is a winning candidate.

What are the requirements? Only men between 18-25 who have good morals and stellar reputation can join Freemason group. And only certain people are able to get inside the community and get a membership vote once they got through the election process successfully. Those who belong to this fraternity are called the believers. They exist in a Supreme Being without leaving the teaching of art and science.

There are many types of masonic ring sterling silver

There are different models of silver masonic silvers. But the symbol remains the same. Different models apply different prices. It depends on the type of the stone and colors used in the ring. The range price is from $246.00 to $396.00

2017 Silver Masonic Rings

2017 Silver Masonic Rings

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Best Silver Masonic Ring Design

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Unique Silver Masonic Ring Ideas

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