Skull Hand Lip Ring for the Stylish Gothic Look

The skull hand lip ring can be something trendy to be worn if you always want to look stunning yet different with a touch of the gothic style. If you love to get such the gothic look, you can find a lot of ideas which give the style to your entire look, as like the lip ring with the skull design. Surely, nowadays the jewellery plays such an essential role and of course any of you want to look that stunning and stylish no matter what. The use of accessories plays the essential role to your entire look and they will play the great role in building your own style. That will give you the style which you want to build. The jewellery becomes one of the favourite accessories which people choose to wear. That offers the stylish look without getting too much. If you still love to get the simple look with the gothic style, perhaps the simple skull jewellery as like the skull hand lip ring is a good choice for you.

Having a lip piercing is such the great decision for anyone. That is especially if you often could not bear the pain. However, if you want to look stylish with the lip ring without feeling the pain, perhaps the fake lip ring will be a good idea to be tried. The fake lip rings would not require you to have the lip piercing since it is only attach there on your lip as if your lip has been pierced. If you already feel sure to have your lips pierced, you can go to the right piercing place and do the after piercing treatment properly for getting the perfect result. Still, you need to be really careful as well in dealing with the lip piercing, especially in changing the lip ring. Make sure that the piercing has been well enough or it has been about 5 weeks after the piercing process so that you can change your lip rings. Then, if you do not want to get the too cute or too ordinary lip rings, since you want to get a bit gothic yet unique look, the skull hand lip ring can be one of the good ideas to be chosen then.

  • The Unique Design

Nowadays there are so many options of the lip rings we can easily find to give a touch of better look to the face. If you have the lip piercing, of course you have the wide ranges of ideas for the lip rings since you have seen a lot of collections of various lip rings with various designs. That is from the simple lippy loop, twister lip ring, labret stud, and so on which you can choose to wear. If you want to get the gothic look, perhaps the lip ring with the skull design as like the skull hand lip ring is such a good idea to be tried. That will look unique at the same time, since you can also get the look of the skull hand which is as if it is out of your mouth.

  • Choosing the Right Size and Material

When you are hunting the stylish skull hand lip ring, choosing the right one is important to be done. Never forget to consider the safety by choosing the right materials. Choosing the right metal is really important. Whether it is going to be gold, silver, or any other else always make sure that is would not be the allergen for you. That is because every person is unique with the unique condition as well. Then, consider the size is also really important. If you still want to get the simple look, choose the small size one.

  • Consider the Comfort

In using the lip ring, as like the lip ring with the skull hand shape design, you have to consider the comfort when wearing it. Do not wear it if you feel not comfortable or feel painful. Make sure that you choose the right size one with the shape of the skull hand which is not really sharp that may scratch your lip surface. Before wearing or buying the skull hand lip ring, it is better to try it first.

Unique Skull Hand Lip Ring

Unique Skull Hand Lip Ring

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