Unique Skull Nose Ring

Who knows that buy the nose ring come up with several decisions that you should make. Luckily there some consideration things that helps you to take decision, from the size, materials, perfect size and fit. As you know that your nose may more sensitive than the other part, so you may consider the metal for your nose ring. When talk about design, as we know that there are plenty designs that you can choose, from boyish until feminine. However, the skull nose ring may be able to be your perfect option as well.

  • The metal options

Metals which do not biocompatible are able to irritate your skin. The surgical steel and titanium which do nt 100% of biocompatible unless they were the implant certified titanium or the implant of grade steel. Steel also become a cool decision, however, this is poor for nose rings. The sterling silver is also able cause irritation or the changing of skin tine in permanently. So, always considering the best material which may contain biocompatible and secure for your skin. The bad finishing of nose ring also able makes you inconvenience and annoying. This is because your nose becomes sensitive part from your body. Make sure that you choose the nose ring with good finishing and smooth with the fine polish as well. They will bring more convenience and of course, make you stand out.

Several types of nose ring

Beautiful Skull Nose Ring

Beautiful Skull Nose Ring

Best Skull Nose Ring for Women

Best Skull Nose Ring for Women

Skull Nose Ring Design

Skull Nose Ring Design

Unique Skull Nose Ring

Unique Skull Nose Ring

  • The nose screw

This nose screw is short may suit for your simple look. You can twist the screw in your nostril piercing which you think it may appropriate and comfort. There are the left band or right bend that you can chose which depend on your nostril that you had pierced, so it will make you more comfortable.

  • The nose bones.

The nose bones were short post with the decorative top which sit against your nostril and slightly bottom of bulbous. They jus pop out from your nostril piercing. In this type usually just come with simple decoration.

  • Fishtails

This is no actually that used for, this fishtail is the option for piercers to keep on hand for some peoples who want to custom their fitted nose screw, it can be short and easier to bent for perfect size as well. You also able to modify your fishtail as well .

  • The nostril ring

There are several different types of hoops which available to use on your nose rings, these are including f seamless rings, segment ring and captive bead rings. This types become very common among adults and your can choose skull nose ring for your option. Whatever you choice, if you come the actual of nose hoops, make sure that you get one which fits closer with your nostril.

  • The labret studs

This is may does not suit for your jewelry option and also include as the jewelry for nose piercing. But, this labret studs really ideal for nose rings as well. In the top look like nose screw and nose bones, but in the bottom part was secured to the top part that make sure that you will not lose your jewelry easily.

  • The nose pin.

This is also known as the conventional nose piercing, but it will more convenience. This type may derive with small all on the end part and simply push in your piercing. This is quite tight and comfortable. The nose pin becomes the safety option if you inconvenience with the nose screw. This is also perfect match for new piecing skin.

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